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FOSS levels up everyone

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  1. Those can use FOSS that have limited budget, and can not afford commercial expensive software. With FOSS, there is no need to “pirate” or “crack” software.
  2. Source code can be fixed, new features added.
  3. Those that think FOSS software becomes critical for their business will pay maintainers to add more features, fixes and scalability.
  4. Those that think there is some security improvements required, will do responsible security disclosure, send fixes, or fund security imporovements.
  5. FOSS can be self-hosted, all data kept private, according to GDPR.
  6. Hosting companies can host FOSS for those that do not have time to do all that server maintenance and backups.
  7. With FOSS, there will be more ways to to import data from propietary software to FOSS software.
  8. Propietary companies can only maintain newest versions of their OS and software for their newest hardware. For older hardware, when newest propietary OS is not available for that anymore, then FOSS OS and software can be installed.
  9. FOSS is win-win and level up for everyone.