Illusion of differences between Operating Systems, Programming Languages and Web Frameworks

You see all those flamewars about Operating Systems, programming languages, web frameworks, and discussion about some of them are “dead” ?

Yes, I tried them all.

After maintaining Wekan many years since 2016-12, I tried updating another kanban software, made with Go and Angular.

Summary: Kanban software is all the same. Same acrobatics to update dependencies. Same kanban features. Same bugs that have already been fixed in Wekan. If both Wekan and that other kanban software used same CSS, user could not see any difference. It does not depend on programming language and web framework.

You have an illusion that there is any benefit or major difference between programming languages and web frameworks, or that those small differences matter in any way.

There is no spoon.

Do NOT participate to any of those flamewars.

So now, please go back to contributing to Open Source.