I did get today question about transparency of Wekan development. Here are some general resources:

  • Wekan Roadmap: All work of contributors xet7 knows of, and all work that xet7 does.
  • Transparency image from blog: short summaries of Wekan history, areas what are currently in development, usually containing a lot of links
  • Twitter: News about Wekan releases, blog posts, new platforms coming to Wekan, grants given to Wekan development, etc.
  • Wekan releases at GitHub : Platforms where newest Wekan is currently available. There is work in progress to make Wekan available for other platforms like Sandstorm, and upgrading Wekan to newer version of Meteor.js framework etc. More complete list of platforms is at wiki. Yes, you can download releases and verify it’s the same as when building from source with script. In the same repo as that script is also other scripts I use for making releases, downloading translations from Transifex Wekan Translation project, etc.
  • Wekan full source code at GitHub and other Wekan related and unrelated repositories at GitHub. You can see all Wekan commits here and also download and look at git history with history viewer GUI like gitk. You can click “Watch” on wekan/wekan repo page so you get immediate email notifications about new GitHub issues, comments, etc, like I get currently.
  • All Wekan feature requests, bug reports etc at GitHub issues.
  • Wekan Team webpage has instructions how to make bounties for Wekan at BountySource. Anyone can add bounty, and anyone can develop those features and get that bounty money. Please be patient while waiting for features, they take a lot of time and effort to implement. There is also info about Commercial Support I provide for my current customers at Europe and USA, but sorry, I don’t have permission to publish details of all of my customers from my clients¬† – if I have permission, you already know about it from Wekan Twitter page or Wekan GitHub wiki Press page.
  • Vanila ChatChat bubbles image from is #wekan channel. Vanila Meteor.js developer community has some thousands of users, and at #wekan is most of active Wekan developers and companies participating to Wekan development. There it’s also possible to write my nickname xet7 to top right search box and have private chat with me. At #wekan channel I add news about Wekan very often. You can also scroll back chat history of that channel to see previous discussions about all things Wekan, if you have time. If you want even more privacy, you can chat with me using Riot desktop or mobile client where it’s possible to enable end-to-end encryption, my nickname at Riot is xet7wekan . Yes, I’m Open Source, privacy and GDPR¬† advocate.
  • If you are interested more about me, I have also personal website where is various help articles for different operating systems, links to my other Open Source contributions, translations etc. Yes, it would be nice to have time to move my personal website away from Google Sites and not use Google Analytics. I do have other websites where I use Piwik, have SSL enabled, etc. Yes, doing that website upgrade would take time away from maintaining Wekan.
  • Timer image from general, Yes there is new features coming to Wekan from companies and individuals. It just takes a lot of time to develop, check that code, possible go through it with lawyers, etc. Currently we don’t have any free developers to go any faster, please be patient. I only know about some of the features maybe coming to Wekan (search, whitelabeling – adding custom login logo and custom board logo, mobile web improvements, LDAP, SAML, additions to Wekan API, maybe something else also that I forgot), but I don’t know when they will be ready as pull requests to Wekan devel branch. You can help with pull requests, updating Wekan GitHub wiki directly, doing Google searches to find solutions to bugs, or info how to implement some feature, and add those to GitHub issues, adding bounties, etc, also see blog articles Time Well Spent and Benefits of contributing your features to upstream Wekan.

That’s all how transparent I can be about Wekan development currently. How transparent you and your company can be?

Thank you.

On behalf of Wekan Team

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