2 years of Wekan: what we archieved


Available Wekan git history starts at 2015 with mquandalle Git commit text “Renaissance” and ascii art version of Mona Lisa.

2016-09 to 2017-12

Last commit of mquandalle for 2 months. Wekan community was worried about Wekan’s future, so pierreozoux created “Wekan fork” GitHub Organization and xet7 started merging pull requests. Then mquandalle gave Wekan access to xet7, and xet7 merged Wekan fork back to Wekan.

Highlights from Features wiki page:

Kanban method

  • Start and Duedate for cards.
  • WIP Limits.
  • Spent time/Overtime on card.


  • Import from Trello: Checklists, activities, sort attributes, etc.
  • Import/Export as Wekan board in Standalone and Sandstorm with attachments as base64 encoded files.

Admin Panel in Standalone Wekan

  • Site-Wide Announcement
  • User Admin: Admin can edit name, email address, password etc.
  • Send test email.
  • Wekan version.


  • Add board permission: Comment only. (Previosly was Admin and Normal user permissions.)


  • Checklists.
  • Image attachments in swipebox slideshow.
  • Markdown in card/minicard/checklist titles and checklist items. Next line: Shift+Enter. Submit: Enter.
  • Copy URL of card in Standalone Wekan.
  • Copy/Move cards to other board in Standalone Wekan.



  • Optimize for mobile web, show single list per page with navigate bar.


  • Docker
  • VirtualBox appliance
  • Ubuntu Snap
  • Sandstorm
  • etc


  • Categorized menu to documentation at Wiki
  • Backup
  • Email Troubleshooting
  • Developer Docs
  • Wekan Directory Stucture
  • etc

Plans for 2018

Standalone and Sandstorm Wekan

  • Calendar.
  • Font size improvements.
  • Search.
  • Custom Fields.
  • IFTTT – If-this-then-that workflows.
  • Scheduling events.
  • Mobile Web improvements.

Standalone Wekan

  • Teams/Organizations admin, and additions User Admin additions.
  • Top-level projects.
  • LDAP.
  • Have all settings (SMTP etc) in environment variables or Docker Compose file, no need to setup manually at Admin Panel. Email settings in Admin Panel will be removed, as setting it in environtment variable is enough, and that way email password is not visible to other Wekan web interface admins.
  • More supported databases, if possible.

Supporting Wekan

As most of the Wekan development has been done mostly at free time of contributors, if you use Wekan, you can support developers with bounties and using commercial support, more details at https://wekan.team .

At 2017-12-22 BountySource sent email that there is no fees at BountySource for 60 days, so it would be good time contribute to Wekan.

Thanks to all Wekan contributors!

On behalf of Wekan Team

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