Myth of Dying Programming Language and Framework

1) Myth of Dying Programming Language

Really? Programming language dies, when somebody deletes all code and documentation files and backups of files, books, papers etc from everywhere in the world. I hope you are not serious. Do you know how much time was used to create all that, from nothing, from first computers, to all those low to high level programming languages, and software? Do you know how much value is in all that existing code and software already? Would all of the world work without some of the software? When some company looses all their code they use to run their business, they are out of business. They have nothing, it’s all vaporware.

2) Myth of Dying Web Framework

Really? If someone, anywhere in the world, has a copy of those frameworks code and documentation, and has implemented some software in some framework, then it’s not dead yet.

Currently Wekan has 3M docker pulls in Docker Hub. Many companies around the world have integrated Wekan to their internal systems, and have countless of integrations to their own systems, to run their business. It has been 5 year effort to implement Wekan. And many years of effort of other companies to integrate Wekan to their own systems.

Wekan code is clearly organized like this wekan/client/componens directory. If you read the source code, you can figure out how to add a feature or bugfix to Wekan. That’s how I did it. The value is in being able to fix the software I am using myself, scratching my own itch. Sometimes someone even uses my Commercial Support of Wekan so I can implement their feature or fix in Wekan.

What is actually happening to programming languages and frameworks

Programming languages are getting faster all the time:

All of this is going on all the time, all over the world, to have most used software supported, upgraded, and secure. If some framework does not have security updates coming anymore, software should be kept in internal network, firewalled, and off the Internet. But software that does not receive security updates is not dead yet, because that software can still be in use.


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