Wekan v1.00 released

Quoting 2 entries from FAQ that was updated today:

When new version of Wekan will be released? When my pull request will be tested, commented or merged?

Depends on free time of xet7. Usually:

  • Fastest: multiple times a day. Sometimes this is 3 releases per day.
  • Slowest: Once a month.
  • One release contains anything from one typo fix to many major features and bugfixes.

What Wekan version number means?

  • Every release has release date and release number.
  • Every release increments release number by 0.01. This practise started at 2017-03-05 v0.12. Before it release number was much more compicated like v0.11.1-rc2. After v0.99 comes v1.00, v1.01, v1.02, etc.
  • Version number is only incrementing number. Wekan has been in production use for a long time already, so v1.00 is not about being production ready. There has been many performance improvements, but there is still a lot to improve.
  • Wekan still has bugs, like any other software. So this is not about being bug free.
  • Wekan will keep changing, and providing migrations from old to newest version. In that sense, Wekan has been LTS release as long as it’s been maintained already. There have been many fixes to make migrations possible, and adding more fixes will continue.
  • Development happens in devel branch. When release is made, devel branch is merged to master and friend branches.

What one new Wekan contributor can do in few days

Vanila Chat comment

“ignatz: just scared myself a bit… I built 1 and a half features (Custom Fields filter, and integrated Custom Fields from the fork) in an environment without correct intellisense, in a language i bearly write (javascript) and a framework i dont know (mongo, meteor, jade). And had not one compile error… something needs to go wrong soon O.o”

How it happened

  • Day 1: He asked about Custom Fields feature, that papoola had in progress at late 2017. With help from xet7 and others about what files to look at source code, he started to fix merge conflicts, remove unfinished checkbox feature of Custom Field, and added Pull Request about Custom Fields feature. That was also his first pull request to Open Source project, so he got links how to do Pull Request.
  • Day 2: In new MongoDB database, Custom Fields did work. xet7 asked to add migrations to MongoDB database schema, so upgrading would work.
  • Day 3: Pull Request about migration. xet7 released Wekan v0.96 with Custom Fields. feuerball11 implemented Basic Filtering by Custom Field. xet7 released Wekan v0.98 with that feature included.
  • Day 4: feuerball11 implemented Advanced Filtering by Custom Field, and added Pull Request. At Vanila Chat
  • Day 5: xet7 released Wekan v0.99 with Advanced Filtering by Custom Field. Then came yarons contributed typo fix to English translation, so xet7 released Wekan v1.00 today 2018-05-21.

What made this progress possible in few days?

  • Clear structure of Wekan code that Wekan author Maxime Quandalle created originally. For example at wekan/client/components is boards, lists, cards, etc.
  • Just looking at code. There are no experience requirements. Try to see if the change works, then fix it. xet7 anyway checks pull requests, tests the code, asks if sometime is missing, adds any additional code etc required, and makes releases to all Wekan platforms, like for example source / Snap / Docker / VirtualBox / Sandstorm.
  • Looking at Wekan Developer Docs a little bit, to fix lint errors, and doing some Google searches about syntax.
  • Asking a lot of of questions, in GitHub issue and Vanila Chat. The way is to implement minimum functionality first, and not worry about styling, xet7 can change styling later, if there is a real need.
  • Fast servers from CNCF for building and testing Wekan.
  • GitHub for providing repo, issue, wiki and website hosting.
  • All the Wekan contributors worldwide, including individuals and companies, that have participated to development of Wekan with their time, money, encouragement and all the thanks that keeps me going, you all made the Wekan release v1.00 possible, huge thanks to you all! Now it’s time for release party!